Sangiev is a fashion designer first, stylist second. But, as his followers have noted, Sangiev’s not your stereotypical, behind the scenes, polished stylist. He’s innovative, raw and most importantly, versatile – hungry to challenge boundaries, clichés and industry constraints.

After studying Menswear Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins for two years, Sangiev decided to dropout and pursue his career on his own intuition. Launching a YouTube channel and various other social media pages in 2015. He has since gained a strong following and recognition due to his confident, yet humble approach to fashion. 

Intending to redefine the fashion industry. Bridging the gap between streetwear and high-end, glossy, magazine editorial content, the likes of which regularly features in magazines such as Esquire and GQ. His extensive taste can be seen across all of his videos.

His charismatic personality, allows him to experiment with several different styles. Embodying an unorthodox approach to fashion. Whereby it’s not what you wear. But, how you wear it.

Planning his own clothing line and filming content for his loyal YouTube audience is what he spends the most of his working days doing. Future ambitions include incorporating a lifestyle and personality approach to his forthcoming content. But, most importantly, Sangiev is grafting to ensure he fulfils his main ambition as a recognised, renowned, designer and stylist – who refuses to bow to mainstream pressures and industry practices.