Shakaveli has been Naughty Boy's apprentice & accomplice from the very beginning; in the Bashy 'Chuppa Chupps' and Wiley 'Never Be Your Woman' days. Having worked so closely with the super producer, Shakaveli picked up a thing or two in production. In 2014, Shak made his first beat and never stopped.

Combining an old school 90s approach to 'beat-making' with a natural flair for hard bass lines reminiscent of Dr. Dre & J Dilla; Shakaveli has crafted a fresh sound unique to himself that's making him stand out as a producer in the UK. Unlike others on the NWN roster; Shakaveli is not 'classically trained' in music and is therefore challenging the sound of pop by 'out of the box' chord combinations & sounds working completely by ear. 

Writing with artists ranging from Jay Electronica to Emeli Sandé to Section Boyz he has become known for his versatility. Naturally, providing co-production for his mentor Naughty Boy, Shak has also accumulated a discography including the biggest names in music and plans to make a name for himself in the UK charts as well as venturing out in to the US in the near future.